the welcome mat


I’ve rolled out the welcome mat for all of my new [and previous] readers! Thanks for stopping by my little internet nest to browse around! If you’ve followed me over here from my previous blog, I really appreciate you sticking with me. Things are only getting better, I promise! If you happen to be a new bird on the block, then thanks for giving me a shot! I’ve been blogging intermittently for the last five years, but I’ve decided to make it a part/full-time endeavour.

When my daughter was born six months ago, I started calling her ‘baby bird’ or ‘bebe oiseau’ and it sort of stuck. There are tonnes of owl and bird references in my life which I believe hold a bit of a higher meaning, but that’s a post for another day! I decided to start up m y [ t w e e t ] l i f e as a way to document such an amazing time in my life, and maybe connect with a few other mama-birds out there just trying to fly a straight course!

Some things you’ll be seeing are: giveaways, polls, how-to’s, mama tips, day trip ideas, and so much more! And it all starts RIGHT NOW!

I’ve recently been shopping for wedding gifts (’tis the season!) and I really LOVED my purchase from Studio B so I thought I would give all you tweethearts the hook-up!! Just head to the website and use the coupon code below!! Feel free to tell them you flew over there from m y [ t w e e t ] l i f e!




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