Simply Saturday – ‘My Tweet Life’ & Why All the ‘Bird’ References

On June 24th, 2012, I wrote this.

That same year, I also got this tattoo –


Flash forward to present day and the bird references just keep on coming! I’ve got a baby that I call ‘baby bird’, her room decorated top to bottom with owls, and a blog/social media called ‘My [Tweet] Life’. I thought that I’d use this week’s Simply Saturday post to explain ‘My [Tweet] Life’ and why all the bird references!

Actually, it all began with my very first blog post which I wrote in 2010. I used birds as a metaphor for myself and my family, and to describe how I was feeling as I left home for the first time. As I moved through the first few years living with my [now] husband, and experienced our first separation as he served in Afghanistan for eight months in 2012, I continued to use the ‘bird metaphor’ as I wrote and recorded my experiences. I had two love birds tattooed on my ribs as a sort of tribute to our love, the pain furthering the metaphor [as it sometimes hurts to love a soldier]..

When we started saving money and slowly purchasing baby gear, we decided that owls [birds!] would be a nice, gender neutral theme to decorate our baby room! We found a high chair and playpen with brown and teal owls, and accumulated more and more things over time. And then the day she was born, they placed her on me, and wouldn’t you know that our little baby began pecking her way around my chest. Baby bird!

So that is how it all began, and why it continues to be. I sit at the computer, comfy in my little nest, and write about my birdy family for all the world to read. We hope to have a couple more baby birds, and I hope to have lots more to write about!

Thanks for reading, tweethearts! [ : ) ]


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