Mama Bird Monday – Back to Work

On July 2nd, 2015, I went back to work.

[Smiling, first day back! #holdthetears #backtowork #nurse #RN #missheralready #mytweetlife]

While hubby-bird and I were trying to get pregnant, and then subsequently waiting for baby bird to arrive, we discussed at length the parental leave options and who would spend how much time at home with her. We agreed on half and half – approximately six months each.

When I realized, however, that I had a significantly longer recovery than expected as well as a mid-year date of July 1st for my nurses’ association registering body, we agreed I would steal a couple extra weeks and go back after Canada Day.

So I booked shifts. I bought bottles and a bag and extra pump pieces. I started ‘letting’ my husband do more with baby bird – bathing, bottles, bedtime…

And then I just left. I woke up one morning, really early, fed baby bird, put on my scrubs and walked out the door. I cried in the break room when I got there. I wasn’t happy at all. But guess what?

The world didn’t end.

She didn’t spend the whole day crying.

She actually had a great day with her Papa and I had a very busy day at work.

When I got home, I changed and hugged her very tight. Our evening went on as usual! She didn’t seem to mind at all.

So now, with 40hrs already under my belt, this nurse is ‘officially’ back to work.


But my heart is still at home.


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