5 Reasons Why My Husband Makes Me Cry

Hint: it’s not what it sounds like.

I met my husband when I was fourteen years old. Needless to say, he has had many years (ten – actually!) to realize that I am quite emotional. I wear my heart on my sleeve, am sensitive, and take everything to heart. I have a passion for all things sentimental. And I have a deep, forever love for my husband. Here are the five reasons why my husband makes me cry..

  1. He very rarely expresses what he is feeling on an emotional level. Any time he writes down a few words, a little love note, or says something sweet – I’m a puddle.
  2. When he knows I need some compassion. He has come into the house, maybe hearing a screaming baby or seeing a huge mess, looked at the expression on my face and he just knows! I love that he can read my mind like that and the relief usually has me in tears.
  3. When I see him falling more in love with our daughter. He says to me, “Look at her! Look how adorable she is!” or “Guess what she did for the first time today?!”. Kills me!
  4. A lot of people have questioned our decision to share the parental leave, staying home to take care of our baby, but what has me bawling is just how glad I am we made that decision. I’m pretty sure that he is not only more fun than I am but much more productive. Seeing how happy baby bird is and how clean my house [usually] is, has me sobbing.
  5. Finally, what makes me cry is that once I broke up with him. Once, when I was young and didn’t know better, I turned my back on him. And the more amazing I find him to be, the more guilty I feel. That will always be my biggest regret. Waaah!

So, Kevin, on Monday we celebrate our second wedding anniversary. Things aren’t always perfect. We have challenges and fights and my tears aren’t always happy ones. But I’m a ‘cryer’ and it seems like I might always be! And when I’m crying, it might just be because I can’t believe how unbelievably lucky I am. To have you. To be us.

Happy anniversary, I hope you keep me crying for many more years to come.


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