25 Best Things About Being a Maternity Nurse

  1. Your coworkers. When you work in a place where the majority of people are women, you might expect a lot of catty-ness and drama. Of course, there are always a few here and there, but for the most part it makes for an environment full of compassion and understanding. Like working with sisters. And aunts.
  2. Your privilege. Not everyone is allowed to be a part of welcoming a new baby into the world. Some people don’t want any visitors, or only allow close family to visit. But as a maternity nurse, you’re privileged to be present for many very special moments.
  3. Speaking of special moments: siblings meeting their new baby brother or sister! This is by far my favourite part of my job. There is absolutely nothing like seeing the personalized tshirt or hearing ‘baaabyyyy’ as they see the new addition for the first time. It’s cuteness overload!
  4. It was literally the best place to work while pregnant! You know you’re safe with both L&D and NICU just steps away, OBs always milling about, and experienced (& evidence-based) nurses always ready with advice!
  5. Your period seems like a cakewalk after what you’ve seen.   
  6. Your coworkers are totally up for gross conversation over lunch breaks..although, that might be all nurses..
  7. You never have any male patients! Which isn’t really anything exciting except that maybe you could say you specialize in women! Unless you count the baby boys..wait, never mind skip this one.
  8. You feel like you are actually helpful when your friends get pregnant and they have questions!
  9. You occasionally get to fawn over adorable babies when you’re out and your patients recognize you months/years later..
  10. When little old ladies/gentlemen walk by the nursing desk and ask where the ‘nursery’ is because they want to peek at some babies.. Awwww!   
  11. Even when it’s insanely busy and you have a million and one things to do, someone will say ‘can you just hold this baby for a second’ and you’re reminded why your job is freaking amazing.
  12. When your patient is upset/nervous/scared/unsure and you help or teach them. Helping a woman transition into a capable mother.
  13. Watching Dad/partner hold baby for the first time.
  14. Watching Dad/partner carry the car seat with pride.
  15. Bathing babies with the new parents! So much crying and so many questions..but also so much cuteness!   
  16. When you hear a baby crying and say ‘is that my baby?’
  17. When you do a baby check and you don’t wake the baby. Silent cheers all around!
  18. When your patient can’t decide on a baby girl name and asks what your name is! “Maybe don’t go with Barb…”
  19. When your baby finally goes to the breast after a joint effort by all parties all day/night!!
  20. When your patient pumps >5mls! Woo!   
  21. When you aren’t sure about a FHR but L&D says it’s beautiful. (Thank goodness for L&D)
  22. Marvelling at how little, and how big, babies can be.
  23. Knowing why there is a huge head of cabbage in the fridge at work…
  24. When your patient thanks you for everything you do..
  25. When people ask what you do and you can say ‘I’m a maternity nurse’. What an absolutely amazing job.   



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