Protecting The Nest

We have recently been having some renovations done in our home. One day, during the renovation, the plumber set off our smoke alarm multiple times. Because of this, hubby-bird took down the offending device only to discover it was running on smoke (pun intended!). We did a little research, and decided to splurge on Nest smoke and CO2 alarms for both levels of our house. I was already convinced once I heard what the company name was, but I told hubs that we could only buy them if he let me blog them!



They came packaged up like a brand new iPhone and we were pretty excited to slice open that plastic!


I stalled Kevin mid-setup to snag this photo and he was not impressed. I must admit though, it was hard to interrupt the Nest’s crystal-clear feminine voice as it talked us through the install.



The alarms, which detect both smoke and carbon monoxide (they even have two different alarm sounds to differentiate the two!), are now installed and operational. My husband showed everyone who came over and I can’t blame him because they are pretty cool. The way that I look at it is, as long as my little nest is protected that’s all that matters!


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