September Giveaway – Shanti Prema Designs

Interested in this month’s giveaway?! Read here to find out how to enter!

This month I shared on the My Tweet Life Facebook Page my thoughts and then decided to make online/small business a focus and went BIG for the giveaway! Something that is both ancient tradition & an ‘on point’ trend is coming to you this month! I’ve partnered with Shelby, founder of Shanti Prema Designs, to give away a custom mala to the lucky winner.


This is what Shelby has to share about her malas:

Throughout the past seven months, Mala Beads have become such a meaningful part of my life and having the opportunity to share their special qualities with others through Shanti Prema Designs has been life-changing. I am beyond excited to be collaborating with Barb at My Tweet Life in order to gift someone this very special opportunity to experience the benefits of Mala Beads firsthand.

But what are Mala Beads?
Mala Beads are also commonly known as “Buddhist Prayer Beads.” Each set of beads holds 108 beads and often has knots placed between each bead. Malas can also be made using 54 beads or 27 beads, whichever fits your personal desire and lifestyle. They are often created with wooden beads and some accent gemstone pieces that will also add positive energy and wonderful benefits to your life.

Why 108?
The number 108 holds many special meanings based on many different religions and parts of astronomy. 108 is said to represent the 108 energy lines which combine to form the heart chakra, there are supposedly 108 pressure points in the body, in Tibetan Buddhism there are 108 sins, it is said that if you become so calm through meditation to only complete 108 breaths in one day that you will be enlightened, there are said to be 108 human delusions, the diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth, and so many more special references to the number 108!

So what do I do with a Mala?
Malas have traditionally been used during Japa Meditation. This is when you repeat and focus on a mantra, intention, or affirmation during your meditation. When using your Mala, you would sit in a comfortable position, place the Mala in your hand so it is dangling down (with the tassel/pendant in your palm) and begin to pull each bead through your thumb and middle finger – repeating your mantra either aloud or quietly for each bead. Alternately, you may wear your Mala to remind yourself of the intentions you have set for yourself throughout the day or to help minimize anxious feelings and habits such as nail biting.

Who can use a Mala?
ANYONE! That’s what makes Mala Beads so great! Everyone from the average individual to the extremely spiritual to the person who has never meditated or the person struggling daily with anxiety. Everyone can benefit from the positive energy and feelings of relief that having a Mala can bring.

In our current society we are constantly going. A Mala is a gentle reminder throughout the day to stop and appreciate what you have and where you are. It is a reminder to breathe and accept.

If I have sparked your interest even in the slightest, please check out my Facebook Page or my website to learn more about Malas, the stones I carry, and the opportunity to create your own custom Mala. I also create beautiful bracelets which make great “mini-Malas” for someone who desires the benefits of a Mala in a smaller form.

Shanti Prema is a Sanskirt mantra which translates to English as “Peace and Love.” I truly wish peace and love to you all. I hope you will feel comfortable contacting me with absolutely any questions regarding Mala beads, my company, or any other concerns regarding positive energy and mindfulness.

Much love,
Shanti Prema Designs


The only thing left is to explain how to win! Contest will be open until 12pm on September 30th, 2015. At that time a winner will be chosen and contacted. You must “like” and “share” the post on social media (This includes Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Instagram) to be entered to win! What are you waiting for?!


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