Girls’ Day with Nana-Bird!

I had a girl’s day with my Mama (AKA Nana-bird)! We ran a few errands, followed by some shopping, lunch, and a secret project! :) It was perfect.


When we arrived downtown for lunch we were sure to toss a little bit of change into the #KindnessMeter! If you’re like me and you just don’t feel right giving change to those on the street, but you don’t feel right walking by, turning a blind eye, then this is the coolest solution! Money is collected in the repurposed parking meter and donated to shelters and community kitchens in the city!


I gorged on a huge and delicious lunch! If you haven’t been to Vault29 you’re missing out on a downtown gem.


We went for a walk around downtown (my Mama had never been to the ‘cute little area’ known as the tannery..) after lunch and then took the long way home!

Love you, Mama!


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