My Daughter Plays With my Double Chin & Other Musings About Motherhood

Tonight as I sat in the teal, faux-leather chair in my daughter’s room, trying for the billionth time to get her to fall asleep, she started absentmindedly playing with my chin. Not the bony, just-under-my-mouth part, but the flubby bit above my neck. And I thought to myself, “heck, if that helps her fall asleep, why not!?”.

And it got me thinking.. I’ve only been a mother for a year but it’s been long enough to realize that parenting is weird.

Like how I’ve lost count of how many boogies I’ve yanked out of her nose.

And that time that I changed a full-on poop explosion on my lap in the back of the SUV.

I didn’t realize that I could hold a child for 3 months straight, but I basically did.

Oh and that one time when I had to pull something (undigested food?) out of her bum mid diaper change..

All those crazy times where I cry and laugh and sometimes not sure which I should be doing.. The long nights and scary moments but the cheering for first words and first steps.

Yup, the whole parenting thing is kinda weird, but I love it. Double chin and all.

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