10 Things I’m Planning To Do This Fall

  1. Blog/write more! I’ve basically taken the summer off from the blog to focus on work and family but now I’m back – starting with this post but there is much more on the way!
  2. Take baby bird to swimming. She is technically old enough to start swim lessons, however, they are pretty costly for what she would likely learn.. Since I used to swim, I’m planning to take her to the open parent & tot and see how she likes it before starting official classes.
  3. Stick to ‘the biggest loser’ at work. I recently started working in a new-ish area and we are doing a work weight loss challenge. I might now win but I plan to own it with commitment and determination!
  4. Work out/tone up. Related to the third reolution, even if I don’t lose the most weight overall I would still like to work on toning up.
  5. Go apple picking! Last year we took baby bird when she was really barely old enough to chew on a hunk of apple, and we had a great time! This year I think it will be even better!
  6. Cook freezer meals/casseroles/lasagna for winter! I’ve got lots of food in the freezer but there’s nothing like stocking it up with delicious, hearty meals to cook on a cold night!
  7. Get some new fall decor. We have accumulated a few things over the years but I usually neglect fall deco in favour of Christmas.. We’ll see!
  8. Get curtains/artwork for the house. We have lived here for two years now and still have lots of missing pieces – no curtains downstairs, no art in our room, etc. With some important upcoming visits (stay tuned for more on that!), it would be nice to get those finishing touches done!
  9. Teach baby bird some more words. As her vocabulary continues to expand, it is my hope that I can help her with the use of some flash cards and a new, bilingual picture dictionary…
  10. October photo challenge! I’ve done ‘my tweet life’ photo challenges before via #Instagram and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be doing one for October! Stay tuned at the end of this month for the prompt words for your #dailyIG!

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