Swapping the Crib for a Toddler Bed

One day I looked down at my baby as she fought me on going to bed in her crib and I thought to myself, “maybe she isn’t really a baby anymore…”

And so I scoured Pinterest for bedroom ideas that would work for a not-quite-two-year-old and I really like the theory behind the Montessori bedrooms. I wasn’t sold on a mattress on the floor so we decided to build a bed! We bought our lumber and hardware at Home Depot and got to work.

“Grampy” and “Papa” did all of the bed build – after two days it was shaping up!

When it was time for paint it was my time to shine! I asked around at work and decided to go with Rustoleum Chalked Paint in Linen White so it would match her IKEA bookcase (previously purchased for her room in an off-white). 

Above shows the bed after one coat and then two coats. I used a brush to cut in all of the angles and corners before using a roller on the rest. Our daughter’s crib and dresser were white so I really liked that we weren’t changing things too much from her normal. The paint itself was amazing to use, rolled on great, and one can did the whole bed (AND the window my husband made to match) with some to spare!

Once we had everything ready, we recruited my parents to take Emmy for the night and we were officially free to clean, organize, and go shopping! We picked up a new closet organizer, baskets, area rug, a tonne of pillows, and a cloth bin as finishing touches on the decor she already had in her room. In lieu of a teepee which we reeeeally wanted to get for her, we found a little princess castle to use as a reading nook.

Et voilà! A bedroom fit for our special baby bird! When we surprised her, she was more excited about the reading nook than anything else, which was fine because we had showed her the bed a few times to prepare her for the change. We let her play for a while before having lunch and taking a break. We decided to test the new digs out during nap time in case it didn’t end up going well. After a few tears and some time spent with mama laying beside her on the floor, she fell asleep for a 1.5h nap! I snuck out while she was asleep with a plan to do things a little differently at bedtime.

Tonight, we stuck with our normal bedtime routine. Once she was all set for bed I had her climb in herself, at which point she asked me to lay down too (so cute). I told her I could stay for a minute and then she would go to sleep like a big girl! After staying for a minute and giving her a big kiss, I said goodnight and then took off. And guess what? Two hours later, as I write this, she is still sleeping soundly in her big girl bed.

How lucky am I?

Pillows from Bouclair

Area rug and closet organizer from Walmart

Bookcase and round rug from Ikea (bought in 2014)

Cloth toy bin from Home Sense

Princess castle from Toys R Us (similar to this one!)

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