Baby Bird Number Two


We found out on December 2nd, 2016 that we were adding another little baby bird to our nest! I’ve decided to do a much better job of blogging throughout this pregnancy than I did with our first baby. Expect weekly bump-dates and photos along the the way!


I was home with our daughter, who was napping, when I decided I would take this test! It was the middle of the day and my husband wasn’t home but I felt pregnant and needed to know for sure!


Had a little note ready for him when he arrived home from work! It read, “Hi Papa! Can’t wait to meet you in 9 months!”


We couldn’t wait to tell everyone the exciting news but we decided to surprise everyone at our daughter’s 2nd birthday party on December 10th! We wrapped up this “You’re a Big Sister” book and everyone one found out I was pregnant when we opened it up!

There will be a video coming soon….


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