Seven Goals for 2017


These are NOT new year’s resolutions.

I repeat –


Whew, glad that’s clear. Here are 7 goals for 2017 that I think we can all agree on:

I | Do not judge…myself. Originally I planned to type a big long paragraph against judging others but I feel like that can be read anywhere. With so much hate in the world, anyone with a conscience is trying to be a little less judgemental. My goal for 2016? Be a little kinder with myself. I plan to gain a whole bunch of weight and then have another baby and settle into an entirely “new normal” for our family. And I’m planning to cut myself a little slack!

II | Save more money. Holy hannah no one warned me that being a grown up would be so tough! Now, with another baby on the way I realize I’m waaaay behind on this one. I’m sure even the most (financially) comfy people could stand to save up a little more and this is definitely my major goal for 2017.

III | Spend a little more time unplugged. I’m pretty glued to my devices a lot of the time. I can’t think of very many minutes in the day when my cell phone or iPad isn’t within reach. Even when I’m doing something fun and enthralling with my toddler, I’m trying to snap photos with my one free hand! Planning some device-free time each day is a must-do for this coming year (and always!).

IV | Be a more thoughtful gift-giver. I see things all the time while I’m out and about and I think of a certain someone they would be perfect gifts for! And I always pass it by, thinking it’s too soon for Christmas or their birthday has already passed.. Then I’m stuck at Christmas time scrambling to find gifts that are just perfect for the special people in my lives, when I could’ve had them tucked away and waiting. So many of my family and friends are very thoughtful gift-givers and it’s a quality I envy.

V | Be a more committed blogger. I love this blog. I love to write and take (amateur) photos, I love to share my perspective and thoughts with the world. I love wondering who’s reading my latest post, and seeing in my stats that someone, somewhere in New Zealand or Europe has looked at my tiny slice of internet real estate. I want to grow this blog, I want to better design it, and I’d someday like to buy my own domain (*cough* procrastination at it’s finest *cough*). This new year seems like the perfect time!

VI | Be a more patient mother. Or a more patient person in general. I feel like I’ve been trying to be more patient my whole entire life. Sometimes, when my daughter gets frustrated we tell her “patience” and wait for her to calm down. And thinking about that made me wonder where exactly she learns her impatience from in the first place. Oh that’s right, me. So I would like to model a little more patience in this upcoming year, for my husband, for my toddler, and for this poor little baby I’m waiting (impatiently) to meet.

VII | Get outside. I love to walk outside, to explore my neighbourhood, to people watch and struggle to wrangle my husky-mix as she chases everything in sight. Hang on, maybe not that last one. But seriously, I need fresh air and a cool breeze and the smell of trees and fresh rain every now and then to keep me from going totally cuckoo.



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