Command Centre for Less Than $20

One of my major plans for 2017 was to figure out some sort of family command centre to have in our home. I really needed to up my organization and have one spot we could go to for dates, appointments, work schedules, and meal plans. I also wanted it to look nice and compliment my decor.

Before I started, this wall had four permanent fixtures (light switch, AE controls, doorbell and AE vent) and one 8×10 photo/frame.

I knew I didn’t want to break the bank in case I didn’t like how it looked in the end, and I wanted all the pieces to fit in around each other. I picked up the calendar, pen cup and whiteboard at the dollar store, the big “B” at Michaels and that boat shelf used to belong to my mother and we refinished it!

I’d still like to add some sort of cork board in that empty little spot under the boat but I haven’t quite committed. Something about push pins within a toddler’s reach has me hesitating!

What do you like!? What would you change? Can you come up with your own family command centre for <$20.00?

One Reply to “Command Centre for Less Than $20”

  1. I like to use my fridge as command central! Magnetic calender and magnetic pen holder and extra magnets to hold important papers. And pictures of all my nieces and nephews. I do need new magnets but I’m sure I could keep my budget under 20$!!!!

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