Q & A

I’ve got some posts planned but I thought in the meantime I’d do a Q&A to answer some questions and let you get to know me better! Here goes!

  1. How old are you? – twenty-seven
  2. Favourite movies? – The Notebook, About Time, The Time Traveler’s Wife..clearly I love Rachel McAdams
  3. What is your job? – I am a registered nurse
  4. Favourite flowers? – tulips & peonies
  5. Where do you find positive energy? – quotes! I love to read and write, and there is a good quote for everything
  6. Where would you live if you could live anywhere? – France. Always
  7. What are your life goals? – KonMari my house, pay off debt, reduce waste, be healthy, raise my girls well, stay in love
  8. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? – twice. Same place. I never learn
  9. Do you sing in the car? – um, of course I do
  10. Favourite baby products? – I’ll post photos, but honestly anything Lush is my preference! My favourites are bath bombs and bubble bars and I use both for my toddler and baby! (I could do a whole post on Lush faves though, honestly!) Some other faves are Live Clean wash, Sudocrem diaper cream, cloth wipes, the Boon Ray tub stopper, Jolly Jumper bath seat, and hello infant Tylenol πŸ™πŸ»

None of these are paid sponsorships, FYI, but I’ll add a couple photos below!

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