Five Fifth Anniversary Facts


Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. Typically each year I do a sappy post for Kevin but I thought I’d mix it up this year and do something a little more fun.
Read to the end for a bonus fact!

Fact # 1:
I’m a nurse by profession. I wear my hair up a LOT. & I forgot to take the elastic off of my wrist until just before I went into the church for the wedding ceremony. Pretty sure I wasn’t going to need a messy bun but hey, you can never be sure!


Fact # 2:

This beautiful car was driven all the way from Connecticut by Kevin’s Aunt & Uncle just for us. They drove it to Fredericton the week before our wedding and then to Halifax the day before. It was shiny and beautiful and we loved it! And they had no AC so they are literal saints for doing it!

Image 48

Fact # 3:

I had talked to the florist about doing white peonies and baby’s breath bouquets, which I wanted so badly! But peonies come and go quickly and were out of season for end-August so I would’ve blown our entire wedding budget on the flowers alone. Ended up doing a nod to my Mama by choosing roses (white for me, red for my girls). They were beautiful. I even had a mini bouquet for my flower girl!


Fact # 4:

It was red velvet from Frosting Cake & Event Design

Also, my mom and I taste-tested five or six flavours from there and they were all insanely delicious so honestly you can’t go wrong. Three words – Carrot. Cake. Cupcakes.


Fact # 5:

Something that’s not a fact? I love to write. And I’m not shy about public speaking.

Something you might not know? Kevin has insane stage-fright, a fear of public speaking, and giving a speech (especially one he has to write!) is his idea of hell.

He had zero anxiety about anything wedding-related except this. But because I insisted on speeches, he wrote one, and read it aloud in a reception packed with people and it was so freaking good that I laugh-cried until my fake eyelashes fell off. No joke.

(Maybe one day he’ll let me blog about the speeches?)


Bonus fact:

All of those photos were taken by the amazingly talented Ashleigh Curlew. She is the sweet friend who went to Kevin’s Afghanistan homecoming in 2012 to take candid photos for me who captured our most heart wrenching moment which is now blown up huge on our bedroom wall. Also, she doesn’t do wedding photos but she did ours, and travelled to Halifax just for us, and I will love her forever.

She also did most of our make-up, including mine. She’s magic.


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