Toddler Room Overhaul


When it was time to move Emmy out of her crib, my Dad and Kevin built (and then rebuilt, when I didn’t like it) this house bed for her. I showed them a photo from Pinterest and asked them to make a more-sturdy version. It’ll be Emmy’s bed, and then Chloe’s, and then probably the coolest playroom feature for years to come.

It’s the first thing you see when you walk into her room. And then, this –


We’ve taken down the PAPA LOVES YOU sign now that he’s home, and the humidifier lives in the baby room since that Bad Cold of Mother’s Day Weekend. And her room looked pretty great except for her closet. But she’s almost four years old. Her closet is not a hidden space for us to cram all her stuff, anymore. She can open it. It’s like Narnia to her – she’d open those doors and get lost for hours. One time she came into the kitchen while I was making supper wearing too-small pants, a shirt new with tags on, a superhero cape, and shoes that should’ve been downstairs. Oh and bows galore. It was a mess.


Half of the clothes in there were too big or too small and being saved for her little sister. And there was no room for anything to the right of the cube organizer that holds her clothes. And there wasn’t supposed to be clothes on the shelves but there was no more room where her clothes were supposed to be because clothes clothes clothes clothes. Well, crap. And the blankets up top frequently fell down. There was a broken lamp up there too. And playroom toys behind pillows behind sleeping bags and one our cat Alaska went in there and got lost until many hours later when she managed to make an escape at like 11pm and wake everyone in the house up. So I gutted it.



Emmy was at a sleepover with her Nana & Grampy the night I tackled her room and Chlo woke up approximately 8134685936429 times because I am generally noisy as a person.

Et voila – the finished product.


Surprisingly, it still looks this good. One of my favourite “before/after” projects to date! And besides hanging items, she can get herself dressed AND put away her own clothes.

Mom win!

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