Bathroom Refresh + Fusion Paint

The only rooms left to update or renovate in our house are the main/master bathroom and the kitchen. And the upstairs hardwood & stairs depending on your opinion about light oak – ha!

While solo parenting two tiny children I decided it was a good idea to paint the cabinet in my main bath from an oak wood finish to white with Fusion Mineral Paint. I have a dream of painting my kitchen cabinets white and the island with a pop of colour, so I figured the bathroom would be a good tester-space.

First I went to The Oromocto Galleria which is a cute local shop close to where I live in Oromocto, New Brunswick. The Oromocto Galleria is a certified Fusion Mineral Paint retailer and Kim Munn was an amazing source of information, tips, and was a big cheerleader! I was concerned about “messing it up” – especially knowing that I’d be doing a lot of the painting while home alone with a three-year-old and a baby who was only about four months old. She assured me that it would be fine, AND that I’d be so glad I went with Fusion paint.

They have a couple different white or ‘off white’ options but I was looking for a very light and clean, crisp look so I chose Casement. For Fusion colour selection, you can click here. I gathered up all my supplies, most of which Kevin already had in the garage. I cheated and went with whatever he had on hand but next time I’ll definitely invest in a better roller and the brushes sold at the Galleria.

All the essentials – including coffee

So I had all the supplies in my bathroom for a while. Like, a week. And then each nap or bedtime I’d clean out another drawer or I would tape another bit of wall or tile. And then another night, after bedtime, I took off all the hardware and handles. I wondered each time I got a little further if it was really a good idea…

I lightly sanded the surface areas (no going back, now!) but honestly, I didn’t put much elbow grease into it. I did spend a lot of time cleaning and scrubbing to make sure there was no “ick” getting painted onto the cabinet! Also, I recommend covering your flooring better than I did…

Finally, one day, I just decided to go for it. I waited until it was nap time to get started and OF COURSE the girls literally only slept for, like, 20min. So they became my bathroom refresh buddies and we powered on. The paint went on well, dried quickly, and honestly had very little smell. I had the iPad on for distraction music – definitely necessary.

I did two coats of paint on the entire cabinet and drawers – inside and out, and then a third coat of just the outer surfaces you can see when it’s all back together. All with that one tiny jar of paint!

There were a couple little touch ups that Kevin did when he got home, mostly because he is much more picky than I am. He also took apart the jet system in the tub, cleaned everything and made the jets white again. We’d like to eventually change the mirrors and lights and sinks and countertops buuuut this is a bathroom refresh not renovation so those things can wait until another time.

Here are the listing photos of our bathroom when we bought the house –




Annnd here is the bathroom now –



Crazy what a little paint and decor update can do for a room! Also – this bathroom has a door into our main hallway as well as a cheater door into our master bedroom. The nautical-inspired boat shelf was actually my mom’s, we bought it from her and painted it, and it’s one of my favourite pieces in the house! I’m so glad it found a home in this bathroom. We also moved our Saje Wellness diffuser and oils from our kitchen into this bathroom and now we are diffusing a smaller space which means better use of my favourite oils! Now after supper when it’s time to play and then corral the kids into bed, I start the diffuser up and my bathroom and bedroom are smelling calm and peaceful when it’s my turn!

Comment if there is anything you’d like more information on, or if you’d like to see a Saje-only post with some of my favourite products?!

*this post was not sponsored


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