That Time I KonMari’d My Kitchen

This was my kitchen.

It was a daily source of frustration, messy, disorganized, and not very functional. We had two separate spots to store cereal and everything was falling all over the place.

After reading Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I decided it was time to “KonMari” my kitchen. Before we go any further, please don’t mistake me for a minimalist or a diehard KM-er. I read the book and I found it informative, interesting, and slightly extreme. While I agree that it’s nice for everything in my home to look uniform, organized, and tidy, there were still some things in the book I didn’t necessarily agree with. I still like to stock up on things when I can, and save things that I may need later on. I’d be interested to see a re-write of this book from a mama’s point of view.

But nonetheless, my kitchen had too much in it and I knew I didn’t need everything. And a minimal-esque kitchen? That I could get on board with.


I started with the easy things that I did ahead of time – emptying out my fridge, washing it out, tossing expired sauces, reorganizing.. Washing and refolding my kitchen linen and tossing anything that was old/stained & it all fit pretty nicely into one drawer, now!

Then I started hauling everything out. Empty cabinets and drawers got washed while my hubby and I starting sorting piles of things we wanted to keep, sell, or donate. We moved into this house four years ago this September, and I couldn’t believe how much we accumulated in that time!

I tried to really envision the kitchen of my dreams. Eventually we want to try our hand at painting the kitchen with Fusion Mineral Paint and so having everything organized and the drawers much less crammed-full-of-stuff will also make that process easier.

I’ll have to do some more before/after photos once we actually paint and update everything! We plan to do all the cabinets white but the island a different colour! Comment with your colour suggestions and I might just pick your choice!

Want to see the final product?


^ I maaaay have sold Epicure, once upon a time..




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