Paperwork | Adoption Diaries

If you scour the internet you’ll find a million and one blog posts just like this one. There’s a reason why people who are approved for adoption call themselves “paper-pregnant”.

The paperwork is never ending.

When we decided to take the leap and start the adoption process, we printed a general application form, filled it in and then sent it off. When we didn’t hear back, we phoned and found out that was actually not the correct form. We received the correct application and sent that in. We then were mailed a legal envelope with six packets of forms, each to be completed and mailed in separately.

The list includes (but is not limited to):

  • Questionnaires
  • Criminal record checks
  • Medical/physicals
  • Financial statements
  • References
  • Personal information profiles

At times it may seem like a lot of paperwork. A lot of information. A lot of deep conversations between you and your spouse or the people who make up your family. A lot of questioning yourselves. A lot of ‘what-ifs’ and ‘some days’. A lot of hassle and running around and bugging the people in your life to give reference to your character and family.

Some say, ‘a lot more than is necessary to have a biological child’.

But not very much at all, when you consider the child you’re hoping to bring home to love.

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