The Model Town

Give your city (or town or region) a new name that reflects what type of place it is, and explain why you chose that name.

Above is a creative writing prompt that got me a little fired up about the state of our town, and planet as a whole.

“Oromocto” is a Welamooktook word that means Great River. I don’t think I would like to change its name, but I’d definitely change the slogan.

“Canada’s Model Town”

We don’t compost, we barely recycle..when I think of what a ‘model town’ might look like, Oromocto is definitely not it. Don’t get me wrong – we obviously live here for a reason, I’m not packing up and moving. I just don’t agree it’s enough to be nationally recognized.

This year, our annual clean up requires leaves and yard waste to be in PLASTIC bags. Who makes these decisions?

Coming from Ontario, in a place that has a well-established curbside pick-up program, I am less than impressed with what’s available here in NB. I recently phoned my local councilman to ask some questions about the lack of environmental programs in Oromocto. I wanted to take action! Apparently, recycling pick-up was polled during an election and the people of Oromocto said ‘nah’. This was in 2013. I was basically told it was off the table to even consider better recycling options or a compost program.

And it’s not just a lack of curb side pick up, either. The bins at the drop off locations are rarely emptied or cleaned up, and people are tossing their recyclables in the trash rather than deal with the hassle. Not to mention, what are we supposed to do with all of the glass?!

Thankfully, my family has started our own compost bin in the back yard but there are a lot of things still ending up in our garbage can because of the lack of community support. Even my local grocery stores can’t stop putting all my produce into plastic!

There are a lot of great things about Oromocto – we are growing, have great community programs, job opportunities, great parks/trails, great schools. I have lived here for 15 years and have seen the place I was forced to move to become a place I want to live.

Now, I want to make sure it’s around for the next generation.

Oromocto – not a model town.

4 Replies to “The Model Town”

      1. It’s called the model town because this town was literally built around the base and developers made a physical model of how the town would be laid out. The base was put here and the population grew so a town was needed. The town didn’t really exist before so it was a town built from scratch. It’s called the model town because the town was built around a model that was created.

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      2. Ha! I had heard that before. I still don’t think that’s what comes to mind when people see ‘model town’ across the sign! It certainly wasn’t when we moved here!


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