Our Home Study | Adoption Diaries

As this Adoption Diaries journey starts to catch up to ‘real life’, I find myself struggling with what to share and what to keep tucked away for later. Our home study process was interesting and nerve-wracking and definitely something you should be prepared for if you’re starting on your own adoption journey.

Our first visit was immediately after we finished doing the PRIDE training and we were FREAKING OUT. We scrubbed the house from top to bottom, sent Emmy to daycare for the day, I even baked banana muffins fresh that morning.

We had heard that the pre-inspection was important and that most people didn’t realize they needed many of the things on the list – like a fire extinguisher. We also needed locks on certain cupboards and drawers, emergency contact lists and much more. It was exciting to meet the social worker who would eventually get to know our home and our family.

Since we were applying for a public adoption, the province of NB provides the home study service to us. Private adoption companies can charge thousands of dollars for the same. We were thankful to have this done, even if it did take quite some time. Some of the reasons our home study was delayed were: we were not open to fostering (only adoption – ha!), we had a second biological baby, and then Kevin was deployed overseas for six months. Luckily when we called our social worker to touch base, we were able to hop right back in to finish the home study process.

We had a total of four home study visits with our social worker in 2016 and 2018. After the study was completed we were presented as a family profile and approved!

The home study was not for the faint of heart, but so worth it.


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