Revamping the Deck | Our Nest

If you read my recent post about our household greener initiatives, you actually would’ve had a sneak peek at the deck colour, because my Mother’s Day gift/raised bed was stained the same colour! I was excited when I saw the raised bed all ready because I knew the deck would look amazing.

We have a split-entry style house with a very high deck out back. We have always discussed doing a lower landing/patio area but have procrastinated tearing out the deck and starting over. It’s time consuming, inconvenient (mostly for the dog) and costly.

So when we had a spindle fall off this past winter, my husband said he would tighten them all up this summer. And then I found a deck board that had rotted. And we realized we needed to revamp it or replace it.

Thankfully Kevin built our front porch with his dad, and is pretty handy. That previous build actually gave us the idea for the two-different-width pattern of the spindles. Thankfully, he was able to reuse the pre-existing, narrow ones and added in new, wider boards. This provides added privacy and a unique quality to our deck, which was pretty cookie-cutter beforehand. He used the extra spindles that were in good condition to tighten up the gaps on the stairs, which turned out really nice.

At this stage, he pressure-washed the railings and deck boards (and replaced the one rotted board, of course!).

We have had some pretty awful weather in Atlantic Canada, lately! It’s been a cold and wet spring and so our deck sat like this – two-toned and waiting for a nice sunny day. Finally there was a clear afternoon and he got started staining! The girls had a blast watching him from the patio window, too.

I couldn’t believe the difference with even just the railings stained. It was at this point that we started talking about staining our front porch the exact same colour. Why not!? It’s gorgeous.

Here are all the ‘after’ shots I know you’ve been waiting for:


I wasn’t paid to make this post. In fact, if I were, I might have nicer deck furniture! Amiright?!

The green swing is Ikea, a gift from my girls’ grandparents! We have had it a couple summers now and it’s held up really well! (And holds all of us!)

Rain barrel is a FreeGarden Rain in ‘warm grey’, was super easy to install and works amazing! It fills quickly and waters my raised bed almost every day.

& because I know you’re going to ask, it’s Beauti-tone stain in Walnut (and some lumber) that we found at our local Home Hardware. 100% of the credit goes to Kevin, he handled this project from start to finish, and just let me snap my photos along the way!


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