All that I Remember

My mom asked me the other day if I remembered something from my childhood. I didn’t at first, but once she turned the FaceTime camera around so I could see, it seemed to come back to me. Vaguely. And after months of having nothing to write about, I finally had an idea.

What do you remember from your childhood?

I’m not talking about friends or elementary school. I mean, what are the weird or wacky or wonderful things that stick out. Things like:

My mom used to rip dryer sheets in half and use half at a time.

I mean, it makes sense. Super economical. Who needs a whole one, anyway?

We used to drive from Petawawa to Halifax and back every Christmas and every summer. What I remember most is the Beatles cassette tape and my dad flipping sides. And the Christmas tape, obviously for the winter drives.

And I used to think it looked like we were in space, when we were driving in a snow storm.

I remember having a crazy daisy and how the hill behind my old PMQ seemed giant.

I remember how we had a bike ‘track’ around the parking lot/row houses we live in. ‘Round and ’round, all evening.

I remember wishing, always, for an older brother.

I remember my mom being so short on patience when my dad was away. We used to butt heads so awfully. (I get it, now, mom)

I remember when I walked to school and my eyes would water, then the tears would freeze on my face. Brrrr.

I remember my friends and I singing so much karaoke. And making up dances in the basement. Choreography was key.

I remember reading my friends medical encyclopedia. We learned a lot.

I took a sign language class in, like, grade 4. We learned ‘twinkle star’ and the ‘abc’s’. Still comes in handy.

Pepsi twist. Bell bottoms. Bendy rulers. Learning to play four square. My dad giving me sugar cubes for good behaviour.

I feel like I could go on and on but I guess what I’m trying to say is, these memories you’re making, all the effort you are expending this summer – it’s not for nothing. Your kids, or nieces/nephews, your family and friends – the people in your life – they’ll remember. That swim date with your best friend could be the babies’ first memory. That day trip you make every summer could be it, too. These days you’re living could be the ones you remember.

Leave your most favourite or weirdest memory in the comments – we all wanna know!

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