Backyard Garden in Review

This year was the first time I have tried my hand at growing anything other than florals. As a rule, I’m legitimately scared of bugs and so I leave most yard/garden maintenance in my hubby’s capable hands. BUT I really want to lessen my family’s carbon footprint, spend less money at the grocery stores, and teach my children that we can do anything. So, for Mother’s Day I was excited to see Kevin build and stain a raised bed just for me! He also put down gravel and helped me get the compost bin and rain barrel all in working order.


If I had to choose one favourite thing we grew this year it would be all of the lettuce! I planted seeds and little leaf-lings of spinach, green leaf and red leaf lettuce. I was able to go out and cut fresh bundles every couple of days and not a single bit of it rotted or went to waste! I cut and washed it all and kept it in the fridge – delish! Next year I’ll be planting way more than I did this year.

The worst thing from the veggie patch was that I planted our cucumbers and zucchinis right next to each other! I didn’t give either one anything to climb, and the cucumber vines ended up choking the zucchini plants. I got a couple of each before everything just died altogether. I also missed picking some beans at the perfect time, so I waited and saved the dried beans to replant next year!


Another thing that we added, not to the backyard but to the front, were these bushes! Our Christmas tree needed to be replaced this year due to damages from the plow in the winter, so we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to add in a raspberry and blueberry bush. We got handfuls of raspberries each week until the first week of September, and only one little blueberry! Hopefully the winter will be a little more kind, this year!

There are a lot of things I’ll do different when I’m planning and planting next year:

  • I will not start the seedlings inside too soon in the spring
  • I will not plant my carrots in the lower level of the raised bed
  • I will plant my vines with some way to grow UP
  • I will give my cabbages and lettuces a lot more  s p a c e
  • I will weed and water more frequently
  • I will try my hand at potatoes and pumpkins (and maybe one stalk of corn?!)

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